Monday, August 30, 2010

Tying Up Loose Ends

I only have one more day of summer hours. Tuesday is the last day I get to go home at 4pm. Wednesday is September 1st, and that signals our return to regular hours at the yarn shop. I'll be working Tuesday through Saturday, 11am until 6pm. So today I ran around and got some last minute things accomplished. I got my hair cut and I picked up 3 pairs of jeans. Then I ran out to Fredrickson and picked up 3 bags of poo. Yes, poo. More bunny poo (and chicken poo) for the organic gardening. I used nothing but manure and worm castings as fertilizers, this year, and my garden was prolific. I want to add more to the compost heaps, so I'll have wonderful soil ammendments to add next spring. On the way back I stopped by a thrift store and found these bargains. I am trying to convert from plastic refrigerator storage, to glass. This first pictures shows an old school storage container. These retail new for around $13. I also found another small pyrex container with a lid.

Then it was off to North Tacoma to pick up another pair of Danskos. These have the antique brown oiled finish. Yes, they had a previous owner. But, guess what? If you've ever tried on shoes at a store....someone else (probably lots of someones) has had their feet in those shoes, before you. I'll happily let someone else wear my Danskos for a week or so, if I can get them for $30 (and no tax) instead of $120.

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