Sunday, August 1, 2010

Pinky's Green Egg

Here is Pinky's first egg laid at her new home. Never mind that she laid it in the dirt, out in the run. She didn't know there was a better place to put it. She hadn't explored the coop, yet. I placed one of Joanie's eggs, beside it, so you can see that bantam eggs are a little smaller than regular sized eggs.

We had to make some minor adjustments to their ramp. The rungs were just glued on, and they were falling off and missing in spots. Hubby nailed them down. But I still had to go into the run and pick both chickens up and stick them in the coop. They should figure out how to use the ramp soon. They also aren't sleeping on the roost, but are snuggled up in the nesting box, together. Too many new things. It's overwhelming for a little chicken brain.

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