Sunday, August 1, 2010

Introducing Pinky & The Fonz

The newest additions to the Willoughby menagerie, Pinky & The Fonz.

The older Willoughby couple are all tuckered out. We spent the morning getting a few last minute things fixed on the coop/run. Then we were off to Spanaway to pick up the rooster. Then down the hill, to Puyallup, to fetch his new lady love. A quick stop at Del's Feed, in downtown Puyallup, for a feeder and water er, and then back to the house to get the new chickens settled in. They seem to have hit it off well. He looks to be a bantam Red Cochin and he is very laid back. He didn't seem stressed a bit. She, on the other hand, is just as high strung and flighty as her previous owner warned. She looks to be an Ameraucana, although might be a mix. More of an Easter Egger, maybe? We'll see what color eggs she gives me. She is much smaller than he is, and about 10 times as wild. After I got them into the pen, I filled the food and water dishes, and went to put them into the run. She immediately freaked out and flew right into the side of my head. Good thing she's small. She then tried a few attempts at stuffing herself through the chain link, but she's too fat. Reggie was a little bit excited to meet them, but nothing like he was when the first chickens arrived. So I think everything is going to work out well. Now to try and locate a couple more banty hens. I'd like to get a broody one, so we can hatch some chicks.

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