Monday, August 23, 2010

Lazy Monday

Today Reggie had to get his hair done. And on those days there's so much time spent on the road (about 2 hours total travel time back and forth to the groomer) that I don't get an awful lot done that morning. We did stop at the feed store, after dropping Reggie off, and I picked up some Wazine 17. At least one of my Bantams has round worms, so they are all getting wormed. Once back home, while waiting to go pick Reggie up, I dosed the bantams water with the wormer and got a load of laundry done. Then it was time to head back to the groomers. On the way I stopped by BigLots! to see if they had an inexpensive food processor. I'd like one for making pesto. But all they had was a mini chopper. I picked it up for $12. I figured, if nothing else, it would be handy for chopping nuts and onions. Once we collected Reggie and made it back home, I set about making another batch of pesto. That mini chopper worked great. Well worth the money. I was able to chop up each item before adding it to the blender for the final puree. The chopper worked great on the pine nuts, grated Parmesan (I pre grated it, then chopped it fine), even the basil and garlic. The blender still doesn't work all that well, but pre chopping everything made a huge improvement. After I got a second load of laundry on the line I crawled into the bantam pen and sprinkled them all liberally with the mite dust. I plan on repeating the worming and dusting in another 2 weeks, then all should be well. We'll start with a clean slate. I like getting into the pen and handling the chickens. That's when their little personalities really show. As usual, the Frizzles were easy to catch. If they were any more laid back, they'd be asleep. They do fuss a bit about being handled, but don't put up much fight. Pinky must be getting used to me picking her up. She almost seemed to enjoy it. The two newer "big girl" bantams, Stormy and Ebony, aren't used to being grabbed but they didn't fuss too much, either. Now the 3 little chicks, that was a whole 'nother story. They screamed bloody murder the entire time. One of them is about twice the size of the other 2. We call it "Baby Huey". It will probably end up being a he, but you never know. If it's a girl, we'll call her Big Bertha. The other 2 chicks don't have names yet. One is a butterscotch color and the other is shades of gray. The small gray chick was last, and put up the biggest fight. It was the only one that pecked me. LOL. Little booger. Other than Ebony having worms, they all seem healthy. In fact Ebony is the spunkiest and heaviest of them all. She is also the only Bantam who is currently laying, and she lays quite a bit for a small hen. Too bad I'll have to toss out her eggs for the next month, until the wormer is all out of her system. But she should feel lots better. After all the chicken drama was over, Singha and Reggie enjoyed lounging in the backyard. Here is Reggie, showing off his haircut while inspecting the squash.

Meanwhile, Singha was busy rolling around on the lawn. Imagine this sequence isn't stop action.

This is my invitation to come give him a belly rub. I've never known a cat to love getting his belly rubbed, but Singha does. And lastly is a picture of Reggie giving his bubba a kiss. Singha never kisses Reggie, but he allows Reggie to kiss him.

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