Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pasta Disappointment

My basil is getting to the point where it's "use it or lose it". Now that I've got that huge food processor I can knock out a double batch of pesto in minutes.

The plan for today was to make some homemade pasta to go with the pesto, and have it for dinner. But not all of my Craigslist buys have gone smoothly. I had purchased a pasta maker attachment for the KitchenAid, from a lady up north. Before I sent payment, and had her mail it to me, I asked, "Does it have all the parts?" She assured me it did. Today I took it out to assemble it, and make some pasta, and discovered that it was missing a very crucial piece. The ring that screws onto the front of the grinder and holds the pasta plates in place. If she can't locate it, and send it to me, I'll have to try and order a replacement from the company. So no fresh made pasta today. We had to settle for dried store bought. It was still a nice dinner.

To console myself, I made an apple crisp for dessert. Apple crisp makes everything better.

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Robin said...

It looks mighty good to me