Monday, August 9, 2010

Just What I Need? Another Hobby.

There's a new fella in my life. His name? Mr. Beer. He's not sophisticated and I'm sure most accomplished brewers look down their nose at him, but I look at him as a gateway. Besides, he was only $5. I big thank you (?) to Erin for alerting me to her yard sale. When I saw that magic word, BEER, I knew I had to have him.

Even though he doesn't drink beer (he's allergic to yeast) my husband is as excited as I am to begin making our own suds. He even found a brewer's supply place right here in Tacoma, on 112th, called The Beer Essentials. I'm sure we'll be paying them a visit very soon.

I had to hit Erin's sale early (I was on her porch at 8am) because the husband and Reggie wanted to make a road trip to the ocean. We are kinda, sorta scouting out areas to live in, once we retire. I have a deep love of the ocean and rain forests, so we are thinking of settling near those. This trip took us to the Pacific Beach area. That place is getting very built up with quite a few fancy housing developments. No, that's not my thing. I want a little homestead where I can enjoy my twilight years with chickens, some goats, and a garden. While at Pacific Beach we had to take an obligatory walk in the sand.

Reggie pulled me up one side of the beach and down the other. He's always loved the ocean. And those crazy "sea chickens". After our run in the sand we stopped to have lunch at the Falcon's Nest.

This place used to be called the Zany Zebra which is memorable only because we never ate there. It was always closed when we visited. Which was often.

It was still early when we returned to Tacoma. I decided to go ahead and sprinkle the banty girls with their mite dust. I crawled into their run and started grabbing them. Pinky was first, since she is always the most dramatic. Once I caught her she again settled right down. I made sure I doused her good, as she spent the most time with the infected hen. Then I treated the frizzle twins. They are super easy to catch I just reached out my arm and picked them up. You gotta love Cochins. They are so damn easy going. So now the girls have been sprayed and dusted. I plan on disinfecting both coops today. I'll also put down some food grade diatomaceous earth under the hay in the banty run. That should put a hurtin' on the little crawly beasties.

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