Friday, August 20, 2010

KitchenAid Quest

Remember when I was saving up for my chicken tractor? That was fun, and a great way to clear out some clutter while earning money towards something I need (OK, want). I am going to do a similar thing while saving for a KitchenAid mixer. I've convinced myself that I cannot live without one of these. I'll keep track of my progress here. I started things off, this morning, by selling my unused ice cream maker. One more thing out of the garage. Yay!

Rival Ice Cream Maker $10 (8-20)
Blue and white afghan $10 (8-20)
Knitting classes $20 (8-20)
Knitting lesson $10 (8-21)
2 jars apple butter $20 (8-22-10)
Pipe $20 (8-24-10)
Beginning Knitting Lesson $25 (8-25-10)
Crock pot $10 (8-25-10)
Grand total = $125
Hobart KitchenAid Mixer purchased for $60 (8-25-10)

That leaves $65 for new jeans and/or a haircut :-)

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