Monday, August 2, 2010

Kayaking Mowich Lake

Today we threw the kayaks on the Subaru and headed for Mt. Rainier. There was no one at home to watch Reggie, so we forced him to come along and have some fun. Here we are upon our arrival at Mowich Lake.

Doesn't this look inviting? The water is so clear and blue.

Here is Reggie in mom's lap. You ever tried to paddle a kayak with a crying Yorkie in your lap? Not a lot of fun. So I pawned him off on his dad.

Dad paddled off with the dog, and I was free to take some pictures.

This is one of the waterfalls that comes down the far side of the lake. You can only see them by boat.

Look how crystal clear the water is. I was hoping to spy one of the crustaceans who inhabit the lake....

but all I found was this. I've never happened upon a live one, but see bits and pieces, so I know they exist.

And one last photo of the mountain as we bid good-bye to the lake. A good time was had by all, even Reggie. Who was quiet all the way home.

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