Friday, July 9, 2010

Today's Yard Sale Treasures

It's sweltering here in Tacoma, WA. I've been getting all I can done in the mornings, while it's still cool enough to move. This morning I decided to hit a couple of yard sales on the way back from fetching our morning espresso. The first was an actual estate sale, which are my favorites. Old folks have the coolest junk, as far as I'm concerned. Here is the run down on my bargains from this sale:

7 cotton damask napkins
5 men's handkerchiefs
4 lady's handkerchiefs
2 vintage aprons (yes, I cook. And I make a mess doing it.)
4 cloths for placing over rolls/biscuits
1 terry cloth kitchen towel with a mushroom screen print
5 stenciled flour sack towels (one shown below))
3 embroidered flour sack towels
1 embroidered cotton sheet towel (shown below)
24 wooden clothes pins
1 Red Riding Hood style basket (shown below)
1 pyrex baking dish with lid (shown below)
Total for all the above? $12
It's hard to put a regular retail value on vintage items, but I estimate it's at least $100.

The second yard sale was actually a moving sale. The lady had recently lost her husband and was moving back to Georgia. I picked up a cast iron meat grinder (which needs to be cleaned and oiled) and a rubbermaid bread keeper. I'm trying to get away from plastics, but I figure a bread keeper, which can be washed and reused, is better then buying "one use" bread bags. The combined cost for both items? $5. Regular retail on these would be approximatly $40, so that's a big savings. I LOVE yard sales! Here is the grinder, before cleaning.

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