Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Relaxing Sunday

No slug pictures today, I promise.
Today I just kicked back and took it easy. The hubby took me out for lunch, to the Rosewood Cafe. This is one of our favorite Sunday hangouts. They now have outdoor seating and I enjoyed eating my barbecue chicken salad out in the fresh air. Husband had to go to work (again!) so I decided to head over to Fred Meyers to pick up a few things. On the way to the store I got sidetracked by, you guessed it, a yard sale. BINGO! I found this box of jars.

It looked like there were some regular jars mixed in but they only wanted $2 for the dozen, and I figured I could always use the non-canning jars for other storage. When I got home and investigated further I found that they were ALL canning jars. Some just had regular jar lids on them. These jars all have twins.

And these 4 jars are singletons. Some of the jars are from the 80's and some appear to be as much as 50-60 years old. I know Presto jars haven't been produced in quite awhile, and I have never heard of Magic canning jars.

I did eventually make it to the store. I picked up some steak and baked potato fixings, but what I was REALLY after was some organic, non-pasteurized apple cider vinegar to add to the chicken's water. It's supposed to be very good for them. I want to make sure my girls are healthy.

When I got home I puttered around in the yard a bit. I picked my strawberries and raspberries. I think the raspberries are slowing down but the strawberries are still going strong.

Another important task I accomplished was a partial water change on the fish pond. I estimate the pond holds 20 gallons. I replaced 5 gallons, and also used a gravel vacuum to tidy things up.

You can't see the fish in the picture, but trust me, they are still alive and are thriving. I think they've doubled in size.

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