Monday, July 19, 2010

Another Step Towards Giving Up Plastic

I have way too much plastic in my kitchen. And not all of it is useful. I have a bunch of those Glad type storage containers. The kind you buy at the grocery store to put leftovers in. Often I will cook a large batch of soup or a casserole, and freeze the leftovers to have in my lunch. But many times the plastic containers don't hold up well. I've had them crack open and waste whatever was in them. Another problem is that you really shouldn't heat food up in the microwave when it's in plastic. I know we've all done it, but we shouldn't. Plastic also absorbs oils. You can never get it really clean. It's OK for storing dry goods, but glass is much better for storing most food. Today I visited Costco, to stock up on all my basics, like butter, flour, sugar, etc...and look what I found. An 18 piece set of Snapware Glasslock storage containers, for $29.99. You can see that they usually sell for quite a bit more. You can freeze in them and also microwave in them (minus the lids). The only drawback is you cannot use them in the oven, like you can with Pyrex. I'm so happy, I just Freecycled all my old plastic containers. Well, not all of them. Hubby wanted to keep a few for sandwiches.

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