Sunday, July 4, 2010

Independence Day

It doesn't really feel like a holiday, this year. My better half has to work and the youngster is off with friends. I'm not into barbecuing by my lonesome, so it'll probably be ramen for dinner. Whoopee! Today is overcast and breezy. Perfect gardening weather so I need to get my butt out there. But first I want to share the good things I picked up at the South Tacoma Farmers' Market, today. This is my 3rd week attending and the crowds were down a bit, due to the holiday. But it was still lots of fun. If you are in the Tacoma, WA area I highly encourage you to check it out. Every Sunday, 10am to 3pm, 56th & Washington. Today they had a band called 'The Fun Police'. They were all dressed up in uniforms and rockin out. I was in a Mexican mood, so grabbed a tamale and taco before hitting the stands to shop. Here is today's haul. First I made a beeline to the plant lady's booth to see if she had any zucchini starts this week. Bingo!

I also couldn't resist the pretty multicolored basil. I can't remember what type it is. She said it's a cross between a Thai and a Genovese? How fun? The plants come up all different colors. Some green, some purple, and some calico. Gorgeous! I also bought some berries (although not from the previous vendor). I got some super sweet strawberries and some raspberries.

I'll be making more jam tomorrow. Between these, and the ones from my bushes, I should be able to make some good batches. Rick picked up a couple of different types of local honey, from Sweet As Can Bee Honey Farm. He chose Wildflower and Fireweed. This is going to be delightful on my morning toast.

My sweetie also bought me this lovely blown glass hummingbird. I think hummingbirds must be my totem animal. I sure love them. This little guy will hang in my garden window, above the plants. That way the whole family can enjoy him.

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