Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Meet Lenny and Squiggy

No pond is complete without fish. In keeping with the apparent backyard theme, let me introduce you to the newest Willoughby family members, Lenny and Squiggy. I adopted them, this morning, from Petco in Tacoma. The adoption fee was certainly reasonable. 13 cents each. When I went to choose my new kids, from the many waiting in the "feeder fish" tank, I made the observation, "There sure are a lot of dead fish in here." My husband, always the helpful sort, reminded me that I should pick from the live ones. Thanks honey. And here they are, 26 cents worth of pure entertainment.

I'm sure it was a shock to their systems, going from a crowded tank, possibly even heated, to this backyard watering hole. Bet it was a lot cooler than they were used to. They didn't do much at first. Just hid and shivered. But by this afternoon Squiggy was Mr. Personality. He is not shy at all, and swims all about, trying to eat anything and everything. He quickly figured out what those floating pellets are for.

He has lots of energy and I have no doubt he will flourish in his new home. Lenny, on the other hand, is a Shrinking Violet. He stayed hidden most of the day, leading me to believe he wasn't feeling quite up to snuff.

But by this evening he was venturing out. I haven't seen him eat, yet. perhaps he'll have more of an appetite tomorrow. Welcome to the clan, little guys.

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NewlyAwakened said...

My fantail has a lot of personality and is very friendly. The other larger "goldfish?" one is more shy but also coming out of his shell. The Little One loves feeding them. Now he wants a tank with fish for the house! Hubby would have a fit but I think he is ready for his own pets...