Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pastie Resistance

Or pièce de résistance, for all you non-rednecks. The finishing touch for the new pound? Pond plants, of course. This morning we drove way-the-heck out on 176th, between Canyon and Meridian, to Alpine Nursery & Landscape. Also home to ThePondPad. I was on the hunt for a small water lily. Luckily they had one pygmy water lily left in stock. That was the good news. The bad news was the price. $29.99. Ouch! But I didn't drive all the way out there to come home empty handed. I also picked up a water hyacinth. Here is everything you never wanted to know about this water weed. I know, from previous experience, that they multiply like crazy. Odd that Washington State hasn't outlawed them, yet. They've done so with many other pond plants. I wanted to get some oxygenators but was informed that they cannot be sold legally in Washington. However quite a few did hitchhike, on my bought plants, so I got a bunch of them, for FREE. Thank you Washington. They are outlawed because they spread like crazy and can take over waterways. I do not intend to put my plants in a lake. If they get out of hand they'll simply be added to the compost pile....or fed to the chickens. The price of the water hyacinth? $1.99. Here is a picture of the completed pond.

The pygmy water lily.
(you can see the illegal plants floating around it)

The water hyacinth.
(already preggers)

Lenny & Squiggy enjoying their new plants.

Tonight I barbecued a little pork chop for my dinner. My husband let me borrow his tiny terracotta pig grill. No sense lugging out the big grill for one thin little chop.

I hope you are all enjoying your summer as much as I am loving mine.


NewlyAwakened said...

That is the cutest grill ever!!! And yes, I have water hyacinths too.

luvewe said...

That little pig has been getting a real work out. I've used it 3 nights in a row. perfect for hotdogs, or something for just one person. We got it a World Market.

Hey, if you want any of the little oxygenators, bring a zip-loc bag or something. They'll spread....and the fish like to nibble them. I just can't legally sell them to you ma'am. LOL

Robin said...

That is the cutest little grill I have ever seen