Sunday, April 8, 2012

Singer 15-91

I have been on the hunt for a sewing machine with drop feed capability. Of my 11 machines, none had feed dogs that could lower. Yes, you can cover them but I think it is better for the machine to just disengage them completely. Yesterday a lady contacted me who was willing to barter my yarn for her sewing machine. When I found out it was a coveted Singer 15-91 I was happy to trade. She and her husband even drove the 30 miles to deliver it to my home. Here it is, complete with what is probably the original cabinet. The machine was produced in 1951 in Elizabeth, NJ. It is 8 years my senior and is holding up much better than I am.

The feed dogs in their normal "up" position. 

The thumb screw located behind the bobbin case.

Turning that all the way to the left lowers the dogs.

The machine also came with a bottonholer and a bunch of bobbins. I need to visit the Singer store to pick up a darning foot and I'll be all set to free motion quilt.

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