Saturday, April 28, 2012

Estate Sale 4-28-12

I had already been to this particular Estate Sale this past Thursday. I picked up a few bags of fabric, 3 sets of embroidered and crocheted pillow cases, a large wood quilting frame and a Pyrex refrigerator storage dish with lid. I was too busy to take pictures and blog about those finds. I have been clearing out our retail shop in order to prepare it to be leased. That's been a week long task. I still have a couple day's work ahead of me but took today off to catch my breath. I remembered it was the last day of this sale and all remaining items would be 50% off. Believing that "the best things in life are half price" I headed back. I was not disappointed.

I found this lovely (and unused) quilt for $7.50.
It measures 43" x 55".

A cool Kenmore Blind Stitch Hemmer for $.50. And it's yellow! It is in the original box, with the directions and a cute little cardboard fold up skirt that demonstrates how to fold your hem in order to use this attachment.

Also this box full of seam bindings and trims for $1.50. My favorite part of this box are those sweet, teeny tiny rick racks. I've been thinking about sewing some doll clothes and they will come in handy.

Perhaps the coolest find, though, was this piece of quilt related art. I'm not sure what you call it. It seems to be some kind of embossed paper design depicting an Amish Log Cabin Quilt. It is labeled and signed.

It was hanging on a wall, without a price. I asked if it was for sale and one of the 2 sisters working the estate said, "Yes, it's $15". The second sister argued, "No, I had it marked at $3". This really irked the first sister who exclaimed, "But I spent $60 on that when I bought it for mom. It's professionally framed". To which the second sister replied, "Well, you should've said something earlier". While they were bickering I gathered my goodies and headed over to pay. The second sis was manning the cash box. I asked if everything was half price, at which time sis #1 said, "Everything except that quilt picture". I assured her I'd be more than happy to pay the full $3. It now resides in my sewing room, over my Singer treadle cabinet.

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