Wednesday, April 11, 2012

April's Quilt Blocks

Yesterday I finished the second of the April blocks. The original course block featured just a sun. I found that too boring and added a flower. How appropriate for our sunny spring weather. The ladies in my knitting group suggested the half-hex leaf. Love it. There is only one machine stitched seam in this block, where the grass meets the sky. Everything else is hand sewn.

I also went back and added some tumbling hexagons to the first April block. I couldn't tolerate all that bare space.

Here are all my blocks so far. I can't wait to see what the May blocks will be.

Now to get busy practicing machine quilting. Singha's quilt will be my guinea pig. Craftsy is also offering me 50% off the advanced machine quilting course. I may have to jump on that.


Robin said...

I love your blocks. you have been a busy lady

luvewe said...

Thanks Robin. I am having a lot of fun with my quilting.

Marti said...

Roxi, there's the cutest little stuffed goat on shopgoodwill Tacoma auction. I am really tempted to get it for you - but it's a GOAT with real (I think) wool.