Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sewing Reggie A Shirt

Or attempting to. I can no longer find the Gooby t-shirts that work so well for him. They have attached d-rings so you can hook up your leash without having to use an uncomfortable harness or collar. The t-shirts cost about $15 each but they were well constructed and lasted quite a while. But after a couple years of constant use they are starting to wear out. Now that I have a machine with stretch stitches I am going to try to sew Reggie some new shirts. First I deconstructed one of the Gooby T's.

And used those pieces to make a paper pattern.

His dad donated this union t-shirt to use as fabric. Here I have cut out the pieces. I was too smart for my own good and tried to save steps by using the pre-existing hems. But I forgot to take into account the 1/2" hem seams on the paper pattern. I fear this shirt will wind up being too long. We'll see. I may have to cut new pieces. This first shirt will be solid red with the fun CARS trim. If this works the total cost of the shirt will be less than $1, the price of the trim and one of my custom labels. The shirt fabric was free and I am recycling the metal d-ring.

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