Sunday, April 15, 2012

Estate Sale 4-14-12

This sale was already in it's second day by the time I found it. Things were pretty much picked over. There was a sewing machine but I am turned off by yellowed plastic. I did find a few items of interest. There were some pictures and frames in a backroom and I found this treasure among them. First I was drawn by the bright colors, then I saw the sheep.

It is a nice little piece of primitive artwork. I'm not sure which South American country it is from and any ideas are most welcome. Do any of you recognize the native clothing pictured? At first glance I thought the fellow was riding a horse. But on closer inspection it is a llama. So cool!

And the lady kneels in the grass spinning on a spindle while having her wool on a distaff.

This was painted on some type of animal hide. The skin is stretched taught, like a drum, and secured with little nails.

I also found this glass chicken candy dish.

These stained glass grapes.

And a couple of boxes of canning jars, most of which are jam size. I have about 8 more but they are currently soaking in the sink because they came to me filled with ancient jams and chow chows.

All of the above for $5. 

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