Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My "New to Me" Loom

12 years ago, before I began my career as a yarn shop owner, I had 2 floor looms. A large Herald Loom (given to me) and a smaller width floor loom that was handmade (purchased, along with a spinning wheel, from an estate sale). I never got a chance to weave on either of them. One thing led to another and I soon found myself working full-time. The looms sat in my garage until 5 years ago when we moved to our current residence. At that time my husband convinced me to sell them. He wasn't overjoyed at the prospect of moving two heavy looms, and I conceded that I would never have time to weave until I retired. Well, guess what? I'm retiring. And the first thing I did was look for a loom. I was searching for a folding loom because my fiber studio is located in the upper level of my home. But an opportunity presented itself and I took it. Here is the newest addition to my studio, a J-Made 4 harness, 6 treadle loom.

This is actually a table loom that is converted to a floor loom by adding the bottom stand and treadles. It doesn't fold but it does separate into 2 pieces. To bring it home we put the actual loom (top half) inside my husband's Subaru and bungeed the stand (bottom half) to his roof rack. The loom came with the cute little bench, some shuttles, weaving books and some awesome weaving magazines from the 1950's. I got it all for $175, which was an amazing deal. I purchased it from a longtime customer who inherited it when her mom passed away. The daughter has absolutely no interest in weaving and her husband really, really wanted it out of his garage. They were both thrilled to know it was going to a good home. And I am thrilled to have a nice little loom to learn on.


Rose said...

What a nice loom! Congratulations!

luvewe said...

Thanks, Rose. I am waiting for the maker to send some diagrams so I can make sure I am assembling it correctly. In the meantime I have already adopted loom numer 2. I have no will power.