Saturday, May 7, 2011

Borders Books Bargains

The local Borders Books is closing. Probably thanks to and the new e-book craze. This is a huge loss for Tacoma. A customer had stopped in, during my own clearance sale, and told me she had seen a book on dairy goats at Borders, and had thought of me. I couldn't get over there until this past Monday and was shocked at how bare the place looked. I wandered around, trying to find books on livestock or farming. I wandered upstairs, downstairs, and back upstairs again. I was just about to give up when I spied a row of books on "dogs". I was getting warmer. On the opposite side of this row I finally found books on livestock. I grabbed up 4 books on bees, 2 on goats and 2 on hobby farming.

I also found a couple of interesting gardening books. One on compost and one on gardening year round in unheated green houses.

I regret I didn't look through this one before bringing it home. I bought it based solely on the title. But when I got home and actually leafed through it I discovered it should really be titled "Off Grid Mansions".

These aren't any kinds of homes I'd be likely to afford. They are pretty to look at, though. And I'm sure we can glean a little useful information from it. But I wish I'd left it and brought home that book on ducks, instead.

This last book was my unexpected treasure of the day. I used to stock it in my shop and had sold the last copy thinking I could reorder. But then I made the decision to retire at this time and never had a chance to get the book back in. I was crouching low to the ground, searching the titles for farm type books when I spied this out of the corner of my eye.

Hurray! The one knitting book I was lusting after, and there it was. For 50% off. Why did I want this particular book?

It contains the knitting charts for making this baby sweater. I can take those charts and plug them into an adult pattern and have my very own bee sweater. I ended up spending over $130 for 12 books, but they were all half price.

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