Monday, May 23, 2011

Laverne, The Wonder Chicken

That's her new name. Why? Because she's kept me wondering for nearly a month. Wondering if she's going to die....or get well? Wondering what the hell's the matter with her? Wondering if it's possible for a chicken to be a hypochondriac? She's a wonder chicken. If you've ever raised birds, you know that once they show signs of illness they are pretty much goners. So back when Laverne first showed symptoms I was extremely concerned. She acts like she's egg bound (which is supposed to be a dire emergency). I tried to help her with warm soaks in the tub and even a couple of mineral oil enemas (which she did not appreciate). Those measures didn't seem to do much, other than make her afraid of my approach, so I let her be and was allowing nature to take it's course. That was way back in the last week of April. I'm STILL waiting. She has managed to push out a couple of weird, soft shelled eggs. But nothing now for over 2 weeks. She still acts egg bound. Occasionally. And at other times she's her old energetic self. These videos were taken 2 days ago. She's the red hen. Does she look sick to you?

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