Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Gorgeous Sunday

The weather couldn't be nicer. Sunny and warm with just a bit of a breeze. My favorite kind of day and it's even better when it falls on one of my days off. The past 2 weeks have been incredibly busy. I have hardly had time to think, let alone get much accomplished. I have so much work to catch up on, but I also want to relax a bit and recharge my batteries. I took advantage of the sunshine and got a couple loads of laundry on the lines. And I intend to pull some weeds, but right now I am going to relax and write this blog post.

The bees have been enjoying our current nice weather. They are coming and going from the hive all day long. The apple tree is right next to the hive and I'd hoped to catch a picture of one of the girls on an open apple blossom. I stood still, camera ready. I stood, and I stood. There are literally thousands of bees, not 6 feet from the tree. You'd think one of them would land on a flower. Nope. That's not to say they weren't landing on the tree. But they seem much more interested in the leaves than the blossoms. I had to settle for the picture, above. Here's one of her sisters, near a blossom. That's the best they would do.

They have finally drained the sugar water from the entrance feeder. I'll refill it this evening, and add another jar feeder to the inside of the hive. I want to make sure they have plenty of energy for pulling out comb. Here's a gratuitous hive shot.

Some of you know that one of my chickens, the lovely Laverne, has been feeling under the weather. I suspect she may be egg bound. I have done everything I can for her. Warm sitz baths in the tub, with soothing back rubs. Mineral oil enemas (which she really didn't appreciate). She seems to be feeling a little better, so I am cautiously optimistic. Only time will tell. I've seen chickens bounce back from worse but I won't breath easy until a little brown egg comes down the chute. She's been going in and out of the coop all day, acting like she wants to lay. She even did her celebratory "I'm gonna lay an egg" clucking. Still no egg, though.

What else do I have to share? Oh, I know. The husbeast took me out for lunch to our favorite Vietnamese restaurant, Vien Dong. I had some shrimp fried rice and, since it was such a warm day, I decided to try one of their juice drinks. It was a Chin Chin Peach Juice Drink and it was A-maz-ing!!! I am not a soda drinker, and I find water quite boring. Drinking more than a couple of beers a day isn't good for me (or my bladder) so most of the time I am dehydrated. I think I found my refreshing drink of choice, today. After lunch we ran across the street to the East Asian Market, found someone who spoke English, and had them direct us to where the boxes of Chin Chin could be found. I am the proud owner of a 24 can (23 left) case of Peach Juice Drink. The ingredients? Water, peach juice, cane sugar and citric acid. That's it. Yum!

I also forgot to share one of the gifts I received from a customer as a retirement present. She had bought the fiber and dyes from me, and this is what she produced. Doesn't it remind you of spring flowers? I'll spin it up once I get a bit of spare time.

And finally, I had the husbeast tote 2 of the tall Billy Bookcases home, today, and I will commence to filling them up. I better get off this computer and get a move on.

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