Monday, January 17, 2011

Made A Trip To Marlene's

Today was bulk shopping day. We made the trek over to Costco to stock up on much used bulk items like flour, sugar, butter, corn oil, toilet paper, soy sauce, etc. All those items that we go through a lot of. Since we were in that general area we also stopped into Marlene's so I could get some more of my favorite hot cereal. This is called 7 Grain Flake and is located way in the back of the store, in their refrigerated room. The cost is $1.79 per pound and I bought 10 pounds. That should hold me for a while.

I think this cereal is much better than plain old oatmeal and it's super easy to cook. Just add 1 part cereal to 2 parts water. I add a little pinch of salt. Bring it all to a boil. Reduce heat, cover, and simmer until the water is absorbed. Serve it up just like you would regular oatmeal.

Here's my tip of the day. It's an easy way to label bulk items (or your jugs of various wines). Break off a piece of cellophane tape. Fold under one end to make a tab (for easy lifting later). Put the tape label on your jar or lid to be marked and write on it with a sharpie marker.

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