Monday, January 24, 2011

Harry Porter: Dark Magic Ale

Yesterday we brewed our very first all grain beer. Rick is my personal brew master and he did a damn fine job. He built our lauter tun and wort chiller, did the research and came up with the recipe, bought all the grains, etc...and did the brewing. I was in charge of sanitizing everything and making sure all the tools were at the ready. Here are a couple of pictures of the lauter tun.

Here we are lautering. The second picture is after sparging. The third picture shows the spent grains in the bottom of the lauter tun. The chickens won't go hungry.

Now it was time to move the wort outdoors so the husbeast could try out his new propane burner. Here he's adding hops to the wort.

Lenny and Squiggy's abode is right next to where the burner was going. It was just warm enough to get their attention. I know they were enjoying their temporary hot tub because they kept hanging out on that side of the pond.

Now it was time to put Wortzilla through his paces. He is hooked up to the rain barrels with the longer hose. The used water is running out of the short hose end.

Once the wort is cooled the steam dissipates and you can see what's going on.

Time to cart the pot back into the house so we can strain the wort into the primary fermenter.

And here is a naked Wortzilla, the Wort Chilla, in all his glory.

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