Sunday, January 9, 2011

I'm Glad The Holidays Are Behind Me.

Life can finally get back to normal again. Not that my life is ever normal. But you know what I mean. Our daughter heads back to Cuba, tomorrow, and I can reclaim my brewing room. I am anxious to play with my wine kits. Until then, I've been drinking up my closet wine. I just started working on the 4th and final jug. I think this wine is the best of the four. It's Cranberry Blend. It's beautiful and delicious. I'll have to make more of this, in the future.

Sundays are always the most relaxing day of my week. Today the husband and I went out to lunch with friends. We went back to the Harmon to sample more of their beers and to have the all-you-can-eat fish and chips. The chips are their signature garlic and Parmesan fries and the fish is cod. So good! I had the Pinnacle Peak Pale Ale which was also good. After lunch I stopped back into the UrbanXchange to see if the vintage Pendleton jacket was still there. I'd spied it last Sunday, but decided to get the purple wool coat, instead. I kicked myself all week for not grabbing them both. I have a weakness for wool. No need to worry, there was my jacket, waiting for me. It was marked at $20.99 because it was missing one of the cuff buttons. Not a problem. I know how to sew on a button. Here is my new (to me) jacket.

I also have a more current edition of this 49er style Pendleton jacket, and I have to tell you, the wool on this vintage jacket is about twice as thick as the new ones. Much better quality.

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