Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Photos Of Winlock Property: Vestibule

This is another cool feature of the home. It has an actual vestibule. Complete with interior swinging glass door.

Looking in from the living room.

Looking back into the living room. You
see the archway to the bed & bath areas.
This rear wall of the vestibule is lathe and
plaster. It had been wallpapered and
then the wallpaper was painted over.

All but the back wall is covered in bead
board. Both sides have identical windows
and coat hooks. Visitors will use this
entrance. I need to find a parsons bench
or wicker settee to put in here.

The front door has these panels on both sides.
We have already picked out the new front door
with matching side lights.

The light fixture is dangling.

The same wood floor as the living room.

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