Thursday, January 23, 2014

Photos Of Winlock Property: Full Basement

This property doesn't have any outbuildings so the fact that it has a clean, dry, FULL basement was very attractive. Both my husband and I have hobbies that require a lot of space. The basement has 2 access doors. One is in the mud room and the other is on the side of the building.

The door from the mud room to the basement.

The access to  the attic is right above the landing.

Looking down the stairs. You have to
watch your head at the bottom. Low clearance.
Ah, there's the dryer hose. No matter, I'm putting
laundry area down here, out of the way.

Looking back towards the stairs. Now we'll pan right.

From the outside this would be the front right corner
of the building. Some storage cabinets. Nice.

More workbenches along the wall and a big table.

One of the previous occupants was a saddle maker.
That's what that doo-hickey is for. Been there a long time.
It looks like someone starting finishing that far corner.

This is the door that leads to the side of the house
with the orchard and pasture. We want to put a
covered patio just outside the door. There is hot
and cold running water to the left of the door. I
will eventually put my canning kitchen out on
the patio. I'll also barbecue, make soap, etc. outside.

The back wall of the basement. There's an old woodstove
there. The real estate listing claimed the house had a
fireplace. Yeah, if you count an old, rusty, disconnected
woodstove. The ad also included the basement square
footage in the "finished" square footage of the home.

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