Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Photos Of Winlock Property: Kitchen

The kitchen is in serious need of gutting and redoing but I will have to make do for the time being. The stove is a broken piece of junk and I will be getting myself a used stove temporarily until we remodel the kitchen and I get a propane stove. The lack of storage will not be a problem. I have a nice Ikea "stand alone" cabinet with a butcher block top, a tall microwave cart with shelves and cupboard doors, and some Ikea shelving. Once I get a temporary stove, and perhaps a new refrigerator, I'll be fine for the time being.

When I first viewed the real estate listing for this property, months ago, it only had a few photos of the home's interior. The only photo of the kitchen showed just the sink area (similar to my photo 3). I took one look at that, said "yuck", and wasn't interested in driving all the way to Winlock for a kitchen with no window over the sink. Now if they'd taken the photo from a better angle, like in my photo 2, 4 or 5....I would've been much more intrigued.

Looking in from the mud room. I will be getting a
stove immediately. and I'll move the refrigerator over
to the wall on the right, making a better work triangle.
Eventually the entire kitchen will be gutted and remodeled.

The pocket door, to the right, leads to the living room.
The ugly light fixture will be replaced immediately.

Looking back towards the loom room and mud room
doors. I'll be disconnecting the dishwasher, first thing.
I may use it for storage if the inside isn't too nasty. I
haven't looked inside. I'll need to paint the wood strips
on the edge of the counter. They stick out, don't they?

They put their fridge in front of the window because
it has a built in ice maker/water dispenser and this
was the best way they could hook those up. I don't need
either of those features and will be moving the fridge to
another part of the kitchen. Far away from the windows.

Another view, showing the pocket door.

Hidden behind the fridge are these adorable built
in shelves. Perfect for knick knacks.

There are even a couple of hooks for hanging plants.

The cupboards are in pretty good shape, although I may
need to replace the hardware. The previous owners were
rough on handles and knobs. Many of them are loose
or broken. I will find a way to make it work for now.

The fridge doesn't seem to be too beat up.
If it is operational I'll keep it for the time being.

My beloved pocket door!


Anonymous said...

Keep that refrigerator, as long as it works! I had one like that that eventually died. Even though I upgraded, my new one is not nearly as sturdy.

luvewe said...

I'll keep it temporarily. But I have no use for an automatic ice maker or water dispenser. Those take up lots of freezer room. And I will probably opt for a smaller refrigerator when we remodel. There are only 2 of us. I don't need a huge fridge.