Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Photos Of Winlock Property: Main Bath

This room needs some work. The toilet is loose and leaking and there is a gap at the base of the tub surround. The floor coving is fugly. But we should be able to fix it up easily enough.

The window over the toilet. We were
happy to see the ceiling fan...until we
discovered it vents directly into the attic
instead of to the outside. Easy fix.

A little alcove for the sink.

With towel holders. I think that may be
a medicine cabinet over the sink. I didn't
notice that knob before. Will have to look
inside next time I visit.

Looking towards the door from the sink.
The bathtub is to the left. Needs a shower
curtain rod. The bathroom is small
but it's laid out well. Should work great.

Another towel rod behind the door. And
robe hooks on the back of the door.

The tub is filthy and there is a gap
where the tub surround meets the tub.

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