Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Photos Of Winlock Property: Mud Room

The second room on the tour is the mud room. I believe this may have been used by the previous owners as the laundry room. Hard to say since there is also a spot in the basement set up for a washer and dryer, although neither of those appliance was included with the property. I am leaning towards setting up my laundry area in the basement. I will also put some kind of clothesline system down there so I can easily line dry clothing, etc. year round.
The view from the doorway of the loom room, looking into the
mud room. The door on the far side leads to the basement and
the exterior side door is around the corner to the right. I wonder
if that hole in the wall, covered by black tape, was for the dryer?
did they have it venting into the stairwell? I forgot to check.
Located on that same wall is a built in cupboard.
The door to the outside. This will be our main entrance.
We plan to build a garage on this side of the house.
This will also be the closest door to the backyard,
where my gardens and greenhouse will be. There
are handy hooks next to the door for our coats, bee suit,
 etc. I wonder what that thing hanging off the
basement door is. I'm just noticing that.

Another view of the basement door.

The inside of the cupboard located next to the basement door.

Looking into the room from the back door. Instead of a
washing machine, I think I'll put a utility sink there under
the other cupboard. I've always wanted one of those.

The wall opposite the basement door. Through this doorway
you can see into the loom room and the kitchen.


Ellen Ann Craig said...

Another awesome room. The sink is a good idea!

crazihippichic said...

Thanks, Ellen. The building has so much potential. Unfortunately none of the previous owners have fixed it up. What little they did is inferior quality & workmanship. I don't mind. I get to make it my own without feeling bad that I am undoing someone else's labor.