Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Photos Of Winlock Property: Sewing Room

I am so happy to be able to have two separate rooms for my hobbies. A loom room and this sewing space. Again, I'll be able to close the door on my crafting chaos. I should have plenty of room in here for a large cutting table, ironing board, shelves of sewing books and most of my cabinet sewing machines. I will probably keep my 3 treadle machines out in the living room where they can double as side tables.
Looking into the living room. I will remove the
clothes rod from the closet and replace it with
shelves for storing fabric. I may decide to carpet
this room as there is a big spot where the wood
floor was patched with plywood.

With the door closed.

The other end of the room. You can see where
the floor was patched. I think this room was
where they kept their dog. The carpeting has
already been removed and the floor is a mess.

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