Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ready For Winter (And Weaving)

I'm proud of myself for staying on track and finishing my yard work. It helped that we had nearly a week of lovely, warm(ish), dry weather. Monday I planted my garlic. Singha is helping to keep it warm.

Tuesday I finished getting the cold frames planted. The cinder block planter holds beets, mustard greens, spinach and bok choy.

And my polycarbonate cold frame, a Mother's Day gift 2 years ago (thanks, Randine!) holds lettuce, green onions, cilantro and basil.

As I've mentioned before, this year is an experiment and my expectations are low. Mainly because I am getting such a late start to my fall planting. But I already have some radishes and carrots sprouting in my little pots. Slugs are nibbling on the radish tops. I added a small container of beer that I hope will distract them.

Tuesday was such a lovely day. The bees were out enforce. I hadn't seen so many of them out at once since summer ended. There was lots of waggle dancing and they were roaring loudly. But I don't think it was an angry roar. More like a raucous party. Telling each other to get outside and enjoy the sun while you can!

Just a few minutes after I snapped that picture the shade came across the front of the hive and there were only a few bees left outside. What had they been so excited about and where were they going? I noticed they were still visiting the sour wood tree, across the alley. Even though it's leaves are turning there are still some sprays of white blossoms for the bees to enjoy.

I took advantage of the sun and hung out some rugs to dry. No, they didn't get completely dry, but every little bit helps. I then grabbed one of those Brazilian black beers and parked myself in the lawn, in the sun, to relax and watch the bees.

Yesterday (Wednesday) I finished the last of my yard tasks, weeding the bee yard. I was waiting for a cool, dry day. Cool so the bees would not be out flying, except for potty flights, and dry so I wouldn't be slogging around in the mud. Here it is, all neat and tidy. I've drained their bee bath and flipped it over so it doesn't freeze and crack.

I also dug up my poor canna and put it in a pot. I had it in the garden, to the right of the bees, and in front of where the snow peas were planted. It survived last winter but never bloomed this year. Perhaps it will like the pot better?

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