Wednesday, October 26, 2011

And Away I Go

The day I've been waiting for, for 12 years, has finally arrived. I am weaving. But first I had to finish warping. The threads were through the reed and heddles, without a mistake. Now to tie on and beam the warp. First I had to tie it to the back apron rod.

Then the warp is wound over the back beam (the apron rod is sitting atop it) and then down and around the warp beam which is that fat beam you can see under the warp. Once the warp is beamed I move to the front of the loom and tie the warp to the front apron rod. This is a crucial step as you have to carefully adjust the tension.

I chose to tie on with bow knots to make it easier to remove. And also to untie and adjust if need be. Now I was ready to weave my header which serves to even out your warp. See how it is all in v-shaped clumps, above? Now look how even it is above the header I wove using Christmas colored dish cloth cotton.

Here is a view of the loom, warped and ready.

Drum roll, please! Only other weavers will understand the pure giddy joy of this moment. I was FINALLY weaving my first honest to goodness project on an actual floor loom. This weaving has a very loose sett (thread spacing) and at first I was beating too hard and the pattern wasn't showing up as I'd like. I started beating a bit gentler and the gorgeous twill pattern emerged, as if by magic.

And a close-up of the fabric.

I have always known I was a weaver.

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