Monday, October 10, 2011

I've Always Wanted A Mink Coat

And this is every bit as luxurious. It's a vintage NOS Dubrowsky & Perlbinder Faux Mink Coat. With tags. It's not even dusty. The quality of the faux fur is amazing. I had it in my cart and a woman rushed over to see if it was real. I thought I was gonna have to pull some MMA moves on her. Back off woman! The original price was $159.95 (and that was probably back in the late 70's, early 80's). St. Vincent had it marked at $24.99 and 30% off, so I paid a mere $17.49. Gonna be stylin'!

I found some other goodies, as well. This Mac & Jack's 1/2 gallon growler for $1.99. It sells for $6 at their brewery. Not a huge savings but I didn't have to drive to Redmond to get one.

Nine 7 gram packets of angelina fiber. For those who don't know, this is carded into spinning fiber, like wool, and spun into yarn. It adds a bit of sparkle. They had these all together in a plastic container, $1.99 for the lot. They retail for $4 per bag. Normal retail would've been $36. I'm sure they had no clue what it was for.

I got this solid oak magazine rack for $.20. It was marked $1.99 and 90% off. I'm not sure if I'll use it for magazines or storing weaving supplies.

I also found a couple of items for the guest room. A cute little blue and white lamp and a hand embroidered runner. I only showed half the runner but it looks the same on both ends. $3.99 for the lamp and $.99 for the runner.

And this throw rug for the back door. You can never have enough throw rugs. Reggie gave his approval. $1.49.

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