Friday, October 7, 2011

Guestroom / Sewing Room

This is the second of the kids' bedrooms. This room had been vacant since my middle daughter left for the Army. We had stored our growing collection of brewing equipment in here since that time and it was becoming so crowded you could barely maneuver. Now that we've I've moved the brewing equipment to the larger bedroom I can convert this smaller room into a proper guestroom/sewing room. That bed belonged to my great grandpa.

The particle board dresser is almost 30 years old. We bought that in Chula Vista, CA, when we first got married. It has been with us ever since. The kids have knocked the corners off some of the drawers and peeled off a bit of the fake veneer. I recently offered it to my military daughter who will be getting her first rental. "That old thing? It's all torn up." This from the daughter who rounded most of the corners in our previous home and is probably the cause of the dresser's missing corners. I decided to keep the dresser. I appreciate it. I'm sentimental that way. And it will be handy for storing some of my fabric collection. One more room successfully decluttered! That just leaves the fiber studio and, believe it or not, I can now actually see half of the carpet in there. 

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