Friday, October 14, 2011

I Brake For Estate Sales

....because old people have the coolest junk. I was out running errands, minding my own business, trying to find the UPS store, when I spotted a sign with the 2 words I love. ESTATE SALE. I thought I'd just cruise through quickly and be on my way. No, not so fast. There was a line and you had to take a number. The house was tiny and absolutely jam packed full of stuff. Mainly old radios of every style and make imaginable. No kidding, they were on shelves all the way up to the ceiling. But there were lots of other goodies to peruse. If you didn't mind being squeezed in like a sardine. I was pressed for time so wasn't able to dig in as much as I would've liked. I made my way through the house and picked up an oil lamp and this framed photo.

Most of the other items that had prices were too expensive for my pocketbook. I headed out to the backyard where there were 2 tiny outbuildings, also packed with people. In one I picked up this wash board. Why? I don't know, as I already have a washboard. I guess I like them.

Then in the second out building, way in the back I spotted this. I've been looking for a bean pot so I slowly wormed my way back and grabbed it.

Of the 4 items I had, only one had a price on it, and that was the picture for $3. Once back outside I had to find the fellow who was in charge of prices. He didn't haggle. He'd simply say a price and you could say "yes' or "no". He wanted $30 for the oil lamp and I passed. He requested $6 for the washboard and I told him I'd give him $5. He agreed. I was surprised as he hadn't haggled with anyone else. Now we came to the bean pot. It was a nice one and I was prepared to pay $10. He requested $3 and I was very happy. And I still made it home in plenty of time to feed the husbeast before he had to head to work.

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