Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Still More Kombucha

I'm almost done obsessing. I promise. Humor me with one last Kombucha post (at least for a while). Today I'll bottle my third batch. This one is a blend of black tea, green tea, and Celestial Seasonings Safari Spice (rooibos with cinnamon and other flavorings). The color of this booch is gorgeous. And there is just a hint of the spices. This will definitely be a keeper. It will be bottled, as is, with a bit of sugar.

And here is my continuous brewer, all set up in my kitchen.

Thank you, Kombucha Mamma, for the tip on how to make fruit fly traps. I save my fruit and veggie scraps to give to my red worms. The compost container is in my kitchen, and is covered,  but still attracts fruit flies if I don't empty and wash it daily. I had 4 fruit flies in the house when I started brewing kombucha. And, trust me, even one fruit fly is annoying as hell. Do you see that little ceramic jar under the brewer? That holds a small amount of kombucha with a drop of dish liquid added. It also holds 4 fruit fly carcasses. They fall in and can't escape. Their love of booch is their undoing.

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