Sunday, July 24, 2011

Right Under My Nose

Sometimes what you are searching for is right there all along. Ever since I got those first SCOBYs I have been keeping a lookout for a proper crock to use for continuous brewing. Kombucha Mamma Sells a basic kit for $99.88 (with free(?) shipping). Granted hers ARE made in the USA but I can't pay that. Other places want various prices for "made in China" water crocks aka kombucha brewers. Some offer good prices on the brewers but make you pay shipping (and these things aren't light). Others charge around $60 for the crock and stand but give free shipping. I did find two sellers on Ebay who had crock/base combos for $49.99 & $45.95. That was getting better but I only had $40 budgeted for this item. One of the auctions listed a make and model, Pioneer 900114. I did a Google search for that item to see if I could find any reviews. I ended up at the distributor's web site, Primo Water. And look at that. They sell the crock and base for $39.99 with FREE shipping. Now we're talkin'. And what does it say right under the blurb about free shipping? "Or, for nearest in-store availability, please use our store locator." What could it hurt? I typed in my zip code and low and behold, those water crocks are carried at the local K-Mart and Wal-Mart. The web site wisely advised, "It is recommended to call ahead to verify inventory. Product may be sold out in some retail locations." They conveniently provided the addresses and phone numbers and I called the K-Mart close by on 72nd. Yes, they had one (and only one) in stock. And the price? $34.99 (plus tax) which brought it to just under my budgeted $40. I rushed right over and here it is!

And this is how I plan to secure the cloth on top,
using the provided plastic ring.

So it all worked out. I got my brand new brewer (with an oak stand) for a great price and didn't have to wait for it to be delivered. It's even in the color combo I wanted, which matches my kitchen. And it was right here in Tacoma all along. Right under my nose. I have a big batch of sweet tea cooling and plan to start my continuous brew tomorrow morning. I'm going to need LOTS of booch hooch because the husband likes it, too.

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