Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hilarious Videos (Kombucha References)

How about a light hearted chuckle or two for your Sunday? Be sure and watch both, in order. We don't have a Whole Foods in Tacoma, but we do have something very similar, Metropolitan Market. Located in swanky North Tacoma. Good luck find a parking space at Met Mart. I'll never forget a few years back, I was searching for an illusive fruit cake for my husbeast. He adores fruit cake and you really can't easily find them nowadays. I did finally find one at Met Mart. Baked by Trappist Monks. I paid $25 for a small one. And those damned monks didn't even use real vanilla. Vanillin? Yuck! Now I bake my own. So here's a tribute to all those trendy, hipster grocery stores. And I love the kombucha references in both.

Yes, kombucha is like a low maintenance pet that makes you a delicious, healthful beverage. But this guy takes it too far.

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