Monday, July 25, 2011

Kombucha Is Sooooooo Good

And here I've been missing out all this time. Who knew? I've never had store bought booch but this stuff I'm making is fabulous. I sampled 3 more flavors today. First was black tea with strawberry rhubarb jam. It was really good (and super fizzy). I learned the importance of opening the bottles in the sink, with a towel over them. It was trying to get out of the bottle before I had a glass ready. The second sampling was of my green tea batch which was ready for bottling today. Green tea booch tastes very different from the black tea variety. It is much more subtle. It reminded me of sparking cider. The husbeast liked it the best and I think it might have a broader appeal. I bottled 5 different kinds: green tea with sugar, without sugar, with fresh strawberry & sugar, with strawberry/rhubarb jam, and one with raspberry jam. They'll be ready to sample in 2 days. The third sampling of the day came about when I opened the next to the last bottle from my first batch. This one is black tea with raspberry jam and is my favorite so far.  Which is great because I'll be making a lot of raspberry jam very soon.

I also got the continuous brew set up and on its way. I used all black tea, as this was before I sampled the green tea batch. After 7 days I will drain off 1/3 of the brew and top it off with sweetened green tea. I may eventually switch it all the way over to green tea, or some combination of the two. We'll see.

I hope the 2.5 gallon continuous brew and the 3 individual gallon jars will be enough? I seem to be drinking it as fast as I make it.

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