Friday, July 8, 2011

My First Trip To Sally Beauty Supply

Since joining the Long Hair Community I've been looking forward to visiting Sally Beauty Supply in Central Tacoma.

Today was the day and I had my shopping list ready. First on that list was a Tangle Teezer ($9.99). All the rage for safely detangling long hair.

I also needed a wooden comb and found this one made of rosewood and maple ($5.99),

And I needed some good quality hair oil. I wanted something with a mix of oils with no mineral or coconut oils. And I wanted some argan oil. I found the perfect thing, Proclaim Natural 7 Oil (8 oz. for $6.99).

It contains sunflower, castor, grape seed, sesame, olive, jojoba & argan oils. What a wonderful concoction. A little goes a long way so this bottle should last me at least 6 months if not longer. I also picked up some hair toys. I didn't have any combs in my collection ($4.99).

And lastly I picked up a big box of hair clips. 100 of them for $3.99.

Why do I need a bunch of hair clips?
To make hair flowers, of course.

I found some pretty silk flowers at Dollar Tree. I also found a satin sleep cap there. It really keeps your hair neat  and protected while you sleep. And it doubles as a man repellent (coupled with my flannel jammies) to ensure a restful night's sleep.


NewlyAwakened said...

I found some nice hair sticks there for under $4! I haven't been there in ages but was in Tacoma the other day so had to stop in after reading your blog :) Lovin' the spin pins and buns too. You try out the sock bun thing yet? It is awesome! Even my co-workers loved it.

crazihippichic said...

Seriously!?!!! How did I miss hairsticks??? Good thing I have to go back and buy my husbeast one of the Tangle Teezers. He's stolen mine. Did you get one of those? It's a "must have".

NewlyAwakened said...

I tried to find them but didn't see them. Had my kids with me so no surprise! LOL The hair sticks were on the same rack as the decorative hair combs you got (in the front corner of the store). They were 2 black and 2 tortoise shell ones for $4. I got the last ones but I am sure they stock them all the time. I actually don't have much issues with my hair getting tangled. I have made a concerted effort to come and brush real gentle and am planning on taking off another good 2 inches or so to get rid of all my split ends. I don't want "long hair" if it looks like whispy horse tail hair the end so I will sacrifice length for health :) I have alraedy got rid of all my died hair with last year's cut so now I am real happy with the color and have got the length back and just need to be better about getting regular trims!