Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Second Box From Full Circle Farm

As promised, here are pictures of this week's offerings of organic produce from Full Circle Farm. $37 delivered fresh to my door.

The sturdy box arrives on your porch overnight.

The first look inside.

What's inside the silver packaging? A quart of milk.

This week's bounty includes:
Avocados, Organic - 1 eac
Nantes Carrots, Organic - 1 bunch
Roma Tomatoes, Organic - 1 pound
Walla Walla Sweet Onions, Organic - 2 each
Bi-Color Sweet Corn, Organic - 2 each
Cremini Mushrooms, Organic - 0.4 pound
Red Leaf Lettuce, Organic - 1 bunch
Salad Mix (Cut Greens), Organic - 0.33 pound
Peaches, Organic - 3 each
Yellow Flesh Nectarines, Organic - 4 each
Black Plums, Organic - 4 each

I also receive a quart of organic whole milk each week as a bonus for switching from bi-weekly to weekly delivery. I intend to make yogurt with that. The husbeast and I are very happy with this service. The produce is top notch. Fresh and flavorful. We get a good variety but not so much of each that any goes to waste. I think I had 3 green onions left from the last box and am still using those in salads. This produce is so fresh that it actually doesn't go bad quickly like the junk you get at the grocery store. The mixed salad greens stayed fresh all week. I used them in numerous salads as well as on sandwiches. I give Full Circle Farm 2 enthusiastic thumbs up. If any of my readers decide to give them a try please list me as referring you. You have to give them my full name, Roxanna Willoughby, and I will get a small credit towards my next box. I think it's wonderful and I think you will enjoy it, too. Oh, and they have a Facebook page.

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