Saturday, August 4, 2012

Split Accomplished!

Talk about doing things the hard way. But I now have a much better understanding of my bees and what I need to do to look after them. I was basically clueless back when I attempted to perform the split. I have been in both the hives and there is young uncapped brood in both, meaning they each are queenright (having a queen in the hive). I've placed another empty box on each hive so the bees have plenty of room as they finish out the summer. There's not much honey in there but I have my fingers crossed that they will still reward me for all my hard work this season.

In the video I mention fixing the boo-boo I had going with the bottom board. The last time I tore the hive apart I wasn't careful with my bottom board placement and the left toe of it was down in the hole of the cinder block. What a knucklehead I am. But it's fixed now. I am going to leave the hives alone for another 2 weeks and pray they bring in lots of nectar.


Michelle said...

You are a brave one!

crazihippichic said...

I don't call myself "crazy" for nuthin'. LOL. Truth in advertising. ;-)

Actually my bees were very well behaved today and didn't much mind me rearranging their house.