Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Honey Labels & New Screw Driver

Of all the hobbies I've had, these are my favorites. There is always something to learn. I made up some "homemade" looking labels for my first batch of honey. How fortunate that our last name ends in "bee".

Yesterday we went on a scouting mission to Home Depot. The husbeast is threatening to install a storm door on the front entrance. He just has to figure out how. It's a wonky kind of door frame we have on there. While shopping we happened to wander down the tool aisle. Look what I bought. A ratcheting interchangeable screw driver to put into my sewing machine doctor bag. That is my latest the operating table. It's zig-zagger is broken. Probably just locked up with hardened oil and crud. This was the machine I was using as an organ donor but I am going to attempt to get it back in running shape. I have harvested enough replacement parts from other, too-far-gone-to-save, machines.

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