Friday, August 17, 2012

My Honey Crop, Lazy Bees & Ginormous Spider

Here it is, the fruit of almost 18 month's labor. 
There is actually another jar's worth in the bucket but I need to wash another jar. I underestimated how much honey would come out of 2 frames. Today it is still sweltering here in the PacNW. I was hoping to have the bees do the clean up. I've heard, from more than one beekeeper, that if I set the extractor out in my yard the bees would take care of it. Yeah, right.  Roll Eyes Mine missed the memo. Here's the proof.

I leave you with something to haunt your nightmares. Meet George, the huge spider that lives next to my garage door. He makes me jump whenever I turn the knob and he comes charging down to the center of his web. I kid you not, he's the size of a mouse. For perspective that black thing he's munching is a good sized house fly.

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