Thursday, August 2, 2012

Redneck Decorating

I make a game out of decorating for very little money. Right now I am in the process of swapping my brew room and sewing room. I need the bigger space for my sewing, since I now have a ::cough:: couple of machines. I had quickly outgrown the smaller of the kids' old bedrooms. This transition is going to take a bit of time, but I got started today. I had my husband and eldest son remove a ginormous old computer desk from the brew room. The desk was hauled outside and given away, for free.

We'd had that thing since the kids were little. Good riddance. I needed that space to put my new piece of furniture. I found this on the side of the road...with a free sign on it. So it is just as if I traded that giant old desk for this more useful item. See, this is why I have an Outback. If I spy something, and can stuff it in my car, I can haul it home.

It's not really crooked. I don't know how I managed to take such a bad photo. This shelving unit is actually in excellent shape. I was surprised when I got out of my car to look it over. I was expecting the doors to fall off or something. You should've seen me wrestling it into my car. I bet the neighbors got a show. Anyway, look at all that storage. It holds quite a few books. And look at this! The only thing that I could see "wrong" with this piece of furniture was it is missing the shelf from underneath. That's OK with me. I plan to use this space to stack up my bigger pieces of fabric. I'll be able to easily see what I have, yet keep it out of the light and dust.

 I found this old quilt, from the 70's, at a church rummage sale for $5. It needs mending in a couple of spots but otherwise is in pretty good shape. This is the guest bed and I use it sometimes when the husbeast is ill and I don't want his cooties. This quilt will be comfy to snuggle under.

I found the pillow sham yesterday when I stopped into Tuesday Morning (the store). It was on clearance for $5. It doesn't match exactly, but close enough. Check out the stuffed slug on the pillow. This bed was my great grandfather's. Didn't cost me a dime.

 Okay, back to the new shelf. I set it next to the bed so it can double as a night stand. I found that little blue lamp at a thrift store for $3. The sock monkey was $.50 at a yard sale. And that's how rednecks decorate for cheap. I had to work in one of my hives, today, so thought I'd take this opportunity to show how you get the sweat out of your beekeeping gloves (and trust me, you get sweaty). 

Note the sticky propolis all over the fingers. Which is now all over my clothespins. That's why these clothespins live in my beekeeping bag. They're only used to hang my gloves. I leave you with a picture of some beauty from my backyard. I can't remember what this plant is called. The foliage sort of reminds me of an ice plant.

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