Thursday, August 9, 2012

My Playground

I have been busy rearranging my house. I am switching the sewing room with the brew room. Not an easy task, I assure you. We have almost as much brewing paraphernalia as I have sewing machines and fabric. First I had to pull all the brewing items (bottles, carboys, brew pots, wort chiller...)out into the living room. Then I moved my sewing machines, cabinets, books, fabric...into the larger bedroom. Now I am moving the brewing stuff into the smaller bedroom. No, I'm not done but I'm getting close. This has been a busy week. Bee Club, Pipe Club, Pipe Club Picnic. I also have to somehow find time to make and can applesauce. I'm rather tired, just from thinking about it all.

Now that I have commandeered the larger bedroom I almost have room for all my machines. I took some pictures to share, even though the room is still a disorganized mess. There are 11 sewing machines in this room. 12 if you count the one on the table being repaired. 13 if you count the serger. This is the view as you walk in. To fit all the cabinet machines into this space I had to get creative. The cabinets overlap and the machines are curved into a horse shoe shape that ends in an island of a worktable and another cabinet machine.

My vintage Kenmore is by itself under the window.

My 2 treadle machines and my 60's New Home.

The guest bed and my pattern file.

Mr. Peabody (like his pipe?) and Foster the banana slug.

Some people would say that I have too many sewing machines. I think I have just about enough.


Michelle said...

I have a suggestion if you would like a little more room. How about if you take off the extension part of the cabinets on some or all of the machines? That would give you quite a bit more space to play with. Just a suggestion. I love all your machines!

crazihippichic said...

Thanks for trying to think of ways to conserve space. Unfortunately I need those cabinet extensions. I'll be sewing large garments and quilts. I need the extensions to rest the fabric on. You see the black Singer machine, on the back side of the center work table? That is going to be used exclusively for free motion machine quilting. The extension wouldn't be large or strong enough to hold a queen sized quilt. That's where the table comes in. I'm going to have so much fun in this room once the weather turns. Too much going on now, though.