Monday, August 27, 2012

Sorting My Fabric Stash

I have been in "acquisition mode", trying to inexpensively build up a nice fabric stash. Most of this was either free, bartered for, or purchased for $1 to $2 per yard. If I had to pay full price for fabric I would not be able to afford to sew. This is my neatest, tidiest fabric, my larger pieces of 100% cottons.

On a shelf above that trove I have my fat quarter bundles and jelly rolls.

In my big metal pattern file I have mostly cottons separated by themes.

All my solids.

Farm, wine, dogs/cats, bees and bugs, holiday/seasons, quilts/sewing...

Batiks and orientals.

It gets sloppier after that but at least I have it all sorted out by type and now know what I have and where it is. That's half the battle. In the closet I have my collection of pajama flannel, my fleece and corduroys (in the plastic tub.

In a large clear tub I have all my smaller pieces and scraps of quilting fabrics and a couple of smaller quilting kits.

I need 2 or 3 more large totes to contain the following. This is my stash of canvas, linen, chintz, upholstery fabric, etc...

...and this is my collection of juvenile themed fabrics.

That's not all my fabric, either. This dresser is full of gingham, eyelet, knits, satin, velvet....and my stash of 30's reproduction prints.

Now you understand why I needed a larger room.

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