Sunday, July 1, 2012

Bee-Movie: New Hive 7-1-2012

The activity is steady at the entrance to the new hive. Today it looks almost busier than the first hive, prompting the husbeast to comment that he thinks the original queen is in the new hive. The population seems to be growing. There's no way of knowing who has the old queen without tearing into the hives and it won't be safe to do that for another couple of weeks. If there is a new queen "cooking" she will hatch sometime this week. Then she will have to mate and begin laying eggs. The queens lay rather slowly at first. I plan on looking inside the hives after July 15th. I'm so excited to see what they've been up to this past month. Meanwhile, here is a peek at what they are doing outside the hive. When I pan up you will see lots of bees coming and going. At midday the sky is alive with bees. Isn't it amazing that I have over 50,000 bees in my backyard and have only been stung once in over a year? And that was my fault for opening the hive without a bonnet on. Today Reggie and I sat 3 feet from the hive entrance to shoot this video and watch the bees. It's very relaxing.

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